View from here!

My view of this crazy world!

My view of this crazy world!

Hello All,

First attempt at blogging, so extremely nervous to press the publish button. However, this entry begins my journey to a world unknown. My name is Brianne and I am student in the sociology department, nearing the end of my path. Yet I am fascinated with communications and hope to take on more knowledge and growth from this course. What sociology has done for me is to help me gain and grasp the understanding that in all social institutions, classed based societies, and under capitalism, equality is a social justice issue and has always been a battle. Social interactions are the most important facet of life to me, not because this is how we as humans derive meaning but also because interactions create and maintain socially constructed ideas, beliefs, and systems. Our families, friends, churches and the education systems, have socialized each one of us. Those with influence in our lives create and maintain their ideas through social interactions. A dominate social institution, is the school system for the purpose to produce and maintain ideals in any given society. The school system has adapted with society and reproduced future workers of the economy.

Some fabulous examples of social justice movements are the abolishment of slavery, the women’s movement in the late 60s and early 70s, the inclusions of women, minorities and natives to our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. More recent movements would be the OCCUPY movements based around income inequality, and the fight for gay marriage rights. All based on one universal belief and truth, all people regardless of sex, class or race should have the same equality and fair access to the same services. Social justice can take on many different tasks, sexuality, same sex marriage, clean drinking water, wage labour, income equality and the list goes on. Social justice has a huge umbrella in include and always welcome any movement or need to advocate for equality in society.

I have a passion for life and love. So I love the life I live, and live the life I love.




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