technology free zone

technology free zone

I have a conflict between my public/private on-line personas in that they are not the same and both reveal different parts to me. The privacy implications of the net have made me fear the consequences of the two world colliding. Privacy is becoming scarce in the world of technology, our ideas of how much information is coded and tracked is far off  from the truth. We are all tracked and stalked by all of our devices based on our uses, examples are: net, social media posts, and locations. Geo-locations embedded in apps, games, calls, Wi-Fi spots, 3G access, and the list continues. We have heard and read about the recent media privacy issues in current media.

Sherry Turkle first called the computer, “the second self” in (1984). The reading from Turkle shows the research and innovation of creating empathetic robots?! The question do these ‘smart phones’ not already do this by creating a sense of companionship, especially in awkward situations. Our devices are always near us or touching our bodies. The persona we create can be; real, fake, onew, on  only line but also, today by what we buy. Brands have identities for the user as well. We have shifted our culture, our understanding and the jobs we create. The world of technology shifts rapidly and continuously. Is the phone a mini me of my online- self? Just the online version, is there a difference in the private and public in relation to ourselves. Especially if one is tracked regardless of what version of public/private we are occupying – can they be connected. My work has access to my every move and call once, I have a work phone, or work computer.

Turkle quotes SHAKESPHERE in her NY times article by saying and I leave you with;
“We are consum’d with that which we are nourish’d by”

SherryTurkle at TED2012…’Places we do not want to go’. Turkle talks about that ‘little device in our pocket’, which has a great power over us; they have changed who we are. On many levels, they are wonderful for what they allow us access to, but the question is at what cost? The devices and our innovation are creating devices as companions rather than human companionship; we are losing connection with the social world, and ourselves, families. The connection still exists however; it is through a screen at a distance. One must consider and plan for time away, spaces that are ‘technology free’ and ‘interaction rich’. Otherwise, we will soon have realty TV with Dr. Drew for rehab from technology, for people to learn to separate from the net, device, or identities they are obsessed with and unable to take in moderation. I sometimes find I have lost minutes, hours and even days to some version of the net or media. How do these devices keep me so hooked, engaged, and lost in the space of the net. Social surveillance has increase at a rapid pace like the nanny cam, work surveillance, Google maps, traffic cameras, ATM cameras, GPS, public spaces, and even private systems. We are all on camera more than we realise. Do we have privacy or rights, too not be filmed anymore? I have not agreed to millions of images of me captured. in the name of security right, I should feel safe. Or scared?

Are you …………. “CONSUM’D OR NOURISH’D”?


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Forbes article


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